San Sujo Farm
We have a small farm on Vancouver Island just outside beautiful Victoria, BC. Canada. Several years ago we welcomed our first miniature horse and instantly fell in love, not only with her our first mare “Whisper” but with the lifestyle of breeding, raising and showing these very special animals.

Miniature Horses
We have a well thought out, researched breeding program underway. Our goal is to breed horses that look like a big horse in miniature focusing on flashy, small, refined, athletic builds with movement. A balanced horse with emphasis on form and function with a willing, affectionate disposition that combines to create a winning performance horse. When we select our breeding stock we pay extra attention to quality, size, temperament, freedom of movement and pedigree which keeps every new addition to our herd within our guidelines and standards. Following these strict principles we have put together an outstanding collection of horses from the finest bloodlines in the miniature horse industry.



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